Thursday, August 1, 2013


Welcome to the new website of the St. Thomas Aquinas Acolyte Corps.  Fr. Winslow is happy to be rolling out a new acolyte program with the assistance of the seminarian assigned to the parish this summer, Noah Carter, and the parish's new Master of Ceremonies, Jonathan Torres.

The whole reason that we are working on developing this program is because better acolytes render better service at Mass both to God and to the parish by their reverence and prayer.  A good acolyte program helps the congregation pray better at Mass.  This is also a great way for the young men in the parish to work together and develop an authentic Christian identity and fraternity.  Together, the young men will walk together in a journey of faith by learning amore about their faith and the worship of God.

After the weekend Masses of August 3 and 4, there will be information in the narthex about the new acolyte program and a chance for you or your son to sign up for our first Orientation which will take place on August 10.  You can also use the contact form in the side bar to send your information and sign up, or as questions concerning the new program.

As we all work together in our journey to heaven, I ask for your support in making this new acolyte program a success.

Wishing you God's abundant blessings,
Noah Carter
Interim Master of Ceremonies
Seminarian - Diocese of Charlotte

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