Acolyte Corps Structure

The Acolyte Corps is directly responsible to the parish priests and Master of Ceremonies who work together in close collaboration to give a vision and direction to the program and the Sunday liturgy as a whole.

Assistant MCs (AMCs) are young men who have experience serving and assume leadership roles amongst the other servers.  They assist the Master of Ceremonies in training the servers, organizing particular liturgies, and setting a good example to the acolytes.

Acolytes are young men in the parish who are at least 11 years old and desire to serve at the altar.  They enroll themselves by speaking with the Master of Ceremonies.  They attend at least 3 of the 4 trainings each year.  Veteran servers are men who have served for more than 3 years and show a proficient knowledge of each acolyte role in the Mass.  They set a good example to the other acolytes and assist in a particular way with the acolytes-in-training.

This flowchart represents the general structure of the Acolyte Corps and who reports to whom.

Parish Priests
Fr. Patrick Winslow, Pastor
Fr. Christopher Riehl, Parochial Vicar
Fr. Matthew Kauth, In Residence

Master of Ceremonies
Jonathan Torres

Assistant MCs
To be announced

Veteran Acolytes
To be announced

Updated as of August 1, 2013